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14 Nov 2022

The New Normal

Following a two year hiatus, IFA is back and re-energising the tech world’s attention. From smartphones and smart homes to TV, audio and domestic appliances, the show was packed with the newest and exciting products from some of our favourite brands including LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Miele and countless more.

IFA is one of the globe's largest technology events, with a confirmed 1,100 exhibitors and 161,000 visitors this year. The show attracted a strong media presence; more than 2,500 journalists came to Berlin and around half of them were representing international media organisations. So far, media monitoring has identified coverage of IFA 2022 by publications and broadcasters in over 100 countries around the world.

This makes IFA a vital industry showcase for trade and consumers to see leading brands present their latest products and innovation to not only the press but also to retail buyers as well as the general public. Plus it provides observers on a world stage, through social media and chat, a window to the latest technology trends, discovering where brands are developing their product portfolios. Furthermore, it's a barometer for retailers to see what's coming, helping them prepare for range planning and the knowledge share required to sell these new products effectively in the coming seasons.

Having not had a full event since 2019, during this period it seems that many brands have been taking influence from how we now live our post pandemic lives. Therefore, following lockdowns and the ghosts of COVID, they are recognizing that we value our homes more than ever as places to thrive and grow, not merely live. Consideration is also being given to our lifestyle choices and the generational importance in sustainability as a concern in the technology we use day to day to enhance our lifestyles. This is being recognised more I suspect, to generational demands and less because brands wanted to. Nonetheless, it’s a positive step forward and one the technology industry can lead in and set examples for others.

To read the full article by Dan Todaro, Managing Director please visit ERT Online

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