Impactful Thinking

In offering a full range of retail and B2B marketing services we thrive on making a difference for our brands, helping to create more opportunities to connect with end-users.

We provide a holistic omni-channel reach, making an impact for our brands across both physical and digital sales channels.

Our approach


The evolution of our expertise from physical retail to e-commerce channels, enables sales and marketing teams to better understand their brand’s online performance both in isolation and against the competition. Utilising custom built tools such as our Gekko Web Scraper - GWS, we provide continual assessment of your share of voice, pricing, promotions, reviews and availability across third-party e-commerce sites.

Gekko’s Web Scraper is a proven solution enabling sales and marketing teams to better understand their brand’s e-commerce performance both in isolation and against the competition. Our powerful, cost-effective tool provides users with visual and actionable ecommerce metrics across multiple SKU’s, Vendors and Territories, enabling change in these ecommerce channels through insight.

For more information on how GWS can support and assist your brands digital performance please contact


In crowded categories, create a presence that stands out.

82% of purchasing decisions are still made in-store. Make use of visual marketing through merchandising to enhance the customer journey in line with your ATL and provide that omni-channel approach, where digital merchandising also matters.


Captivate, educate and involve your desired audience with:

Recognised and learner-centric training emphasising knowledge, advocacy, and sales.

Blended programs for your brand and audience, encompassing both in-person and virtual solutions.

Integration of relevant tools from learning experience platforms, gamification, and augmented reality.

The Gekko curated methodology spans needs assessment, content design, development, video production, delivery, program marketing and sign-up, learner rewards and evaluation.

Brand Ambassadors & Sales Promoters

Influencing consumers at the point of purchase, creating buyers of your brand through a positive shopping experience. One that offers engagement, excitement, advice and reassurance as well as the chance to see and feel products, creating informed decision making. Afterall, Gekko knows that this is why the majority of consumers still choose to head to a store to make their considered purchases.

Whether brands choose to have a year-round presence in stores, or activate campaigns inline with seasonality, promotions or product launches. Gekko Group’s nationwide team of ambassadors will drive sales and advocacy to reinforce a brands relationship with its retail partners.

Mystery Shopping

Understand what your potential customers experience and feel from their interaction with your brand and the sales setting, whether that be in-store or online.

Does it meet your expectations? Is it a fulfilling shopper journey? Gekko ensures that conversations and product placement in store are optimised. Adding value and driving sales for your brand to complete the customer journey in physical retail and online.

Strategic Teams

Establish yourself as the leader in your category.

By understanding your channels, Gekko provides a strategic resource to brands, extending your sales and marketing reach through the category, increasing market share. Whether the mission is business development, training or brand representation in your chosen channels, the goal is building knowledge and advocacy for your brand and sales.

With our outsourced field teams, you can establish a link with the retail and B2B channels, developing relationships, providing support and growing your business.


Create the emotional connection that your brand deserves by delivering live experiences and starting rewarding conversations with your target consumers.

From initial concepts and design, to venue selection, management and staffing, Gekko provides an end to end service bringing your brand to the right people and the right people to your brand.

Brand Presence

Whether in-store or online, is your brand getting the exposure it requires, putting it in front of your target audience and outperforming the competition?

In crowded categories, effective merchandising is a vital tool and should be inline with your ATL and wider marketing strategy, providing a consistent message and helping to enhance the shopper journey.

How can Gekko help your brand?

By understanding your brand, its aspirations and your channels, Gekko creates innovative, game-changing campaigns with initiative and purpose. These endeavours not only serve to elevate the shopper journey but also enhance sales.

The omni-channel remains a catalyst for transformation in traditional retail. Leveraging our research and expertise in high-ticket, thoughtful, considered purchases, Gekko plays a pivotal role in guiding customers through the entire journey, bridging the gap from ATL to purchase.

As shopper expectations evolve, we recognise the importance of delivering a positive experience and a personalised touch. These elements are crucial in motivating consumers to choose the in-store experience over online alternatives.

Gekko's progressive strategies ensure that our campaigns effectively transform shoppers into loyal customers for your brand.

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