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21 Jan 2016

Social Science

Youth is overrated, disposable income should be the focus. While we may be able to believe that the economy is on the up, life for many since 2009 has been tough.

The CE market took a dip and has been only truly in recovery since 2014. More than half of TVs sold are smart (57 per cent). And the market in 2016 looks set to decline further thanks to the use of streaming devices, the breadth of product on offer and platforms from which to stream content.

Brand experience is not exclusive to older generations – a brand speaks uniquely to every individual and brands can, through arrogance and ignorance, be completely dismissed by a generation making way for new brands perceived by a younger audience as a bit more ‘edgy’ and innovative.

While social media usage in relation to shopping habits is still at a low level within the CE/tech sector, it is on the increase and becoming an increasingly important medium to generate interest in a brand and driving sales among a younger audience in retail.

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