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18 Apr 2024

IPA Bellwether Q1 2024: Industry comment - Mediashotz

"Within those services and categories that consumers mostly depend on and are happy to invest in, brands are looking at innovative ways and messaging to increase their share of voice against fierce competition, to remain relevant and to appeal to a broad audience."

“As the IPA Bellwether report shows, we are seeing more sales promotion and experiential briefs and consistent spend, coupled with a willingness to try ‘something new’ to meet these goals – all linked to measurable metrics."

“These additional briefs come with increased scrutiny on ROI, with consumer acquisition high on the list, and a tighter squeeze on margin, which is impacting every agency’s overheads, creativity and ability to offer a unique service."

To read the published comments by Gekko's Managing Director, Dan Todaro and other industry experts, please visit Mediashotz

Photo by Mediashotz

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