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29 Apr 2019

Industry insiders consider the top AI and automation trends for 2019

The Drum has published a special one-off supplement dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing world, and was also banging the drum loudly at The Drum Arms in Austin at SXSW talking AI and automation. There is little doubt that AI and automation are transforming businesses and the world that we live in. What that means is we also need to be focused on the ethical side, the human side of the story.

The Drum Network asked its members ”What do you think are the top AI and automation trends for 2019?”

"AI, in probably its simplest form as voice recognition technology, sits in millions of homes globally in various guises such as Google Assistant and Alexa and for Generation Z and Alpha is the norm. Speaking to an AI device is almost innate for these generations, whether it is through your Sky Q remote or any voice enabled device. Link this to search and the advertising medium becomes increasingly more relevant to marketing, shifting traditional ATL spend into the AI sphere as a subliminal form of media which is perceived as being helpful rather than as intrusive. Voice search enables more convenient and enhanced access not only to shopping but also to services such as restaurant bookings, delivery, train, cinema or theatre bookings when required or when prompted through smart AI advertising which entices you to explore more. Adverts, sponsorship and traditional ATL will encourage you to search and spend via AI, making transactions relatively seamless and hassle free. AI voice assistants will increasingly become an integral to every brands marketing budget. Having an AI assistant may mean you never need to leave your home, just as things were depicted in The Machine Stops by EM Forster which is becoming increasingly more a reality than fiction."

To read the full article please visit The Drum.

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