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16 Jan 2018

How retailers can win the Smart Home revolution

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas is where the globes Technology Brands for the past 51 years have converged to brag, showcasing what they are doing in advancing technology. This year an estimated 3,900 exhibitors from 150 different nations will have done so to over 180,000 forecasted visitors and a global media audience. Although not quite the golden globes its impromptu power cut only added to its media appeal gaining it more mainstream media conversation than ever before. Here’s a rundown of some of the key talking points and the challenges and opportunities this presents to retailers:

No surprise was that the Smart Home dominated with Google announcing that their assistant sold over 6 million units, that’s one every second, and now runs on over 400 million devices globally. Unfortunately, no statistics from Amazon to compare but with over 1,500 smart home devices available from more than 225 brands all supporting Google Assistant the winner in this category may have been identified? An interesting trend is that a lot of 3rd party brands are choosing to Support multiple AI platforms in particular Alexa and Google Assistant integration not wanting to gamble on one specific platform as happened with Betamax or VHS, Blu-ray or HD DVD.

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