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2 Aug 2023

Creating a Positive Candidate Journey: From Application to Onboarding

Job searching can feel like a full-time job itself at times, scrolling through the various portals/sites and trying to unravel the jungle of buzz words and business jargon to be able to understand what the job is all about and what it actually involves doing day to day.

Gekko believes that it's crucial to be clear from the very first contact point with candidates. This initial contact is typically a job advert, having a structured format to show what the role is, what they as an employee will get in return, and what you will need to be able to demonstrate in order to successfully join the team.

Let's be honest, the common denominator of why everyone goes to work tends to be linked in some way to the remuneration/compensation package. We believe it's important to be transparent throughout the whole process as to what this would look like and be discussed at every stage of the recruitment process, from interview through to confirmation at the offer stage.

As part of Gekko’s commitment to our clients and our own values, we ensure that all candidates have the same treatment and experience during any recruitment process. This is from the moment we place informative job adverts, through to the interview and selection process, to offer stages and onboarding.

All candidates who apply to Gekko are asked to submit their CV for the role they wish to be considered for. Every application we receive is reviewed and replied to keeping the candidate informed on their progress.

Every candidate who has taken the time to apply to a role is honoured the time for a reply, whether this is to discuss the application further and be advised of the next steps, or be given closure that the application will not be progressing further.

Gekko strives to keep the selection process as streamlined as possible to avoid delays in feedback being received by candidates.

Once the selection process is complete, the new team member is consulted with regards to their onboarding schedule to ensure this is suitable to their own personal commitments (such as travel arrangements, accommodation, dietary requirements, and start/finish times).

A new role can be a daunting time for some, and everyone learns at a different pace and can be more receptive to various teaching/mentoring methods. It is key to ensure you understand how your new team member thrives and to adapt the onboarding and induction process to ensure that knowledge is embedded in the best possible way.

Having a positive candidate journey and offering candidates a high-quality experience, in turn, sets the expectation of the standards Gekko prides itself on.

To read the full article by Rachael Stevenson, Recruitment Manager, click here

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

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