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29 Sep 2015

Shopping Tribes 2016

In our annual survey of shopper habits, field marketing agency Gekko can reveal how UK consumers are being motivated to spend their money on the high street in 2016.

Looking at four categories – Beauty, Clothing, Electronics and Homeware/DIY – Gekko asked what factors influenced their buying decisions and compared these to the results from 2015.

With two thirds of people still looking for the best deals out there, brand status is now less of an influencing factor, with a drop of 29% compared to the 2015 figures. As an indication of perhaps a less 'luxury' based approach to their purchasing, 51.5% of respondents state that reliable and functional purchases are now the most important influencers for them, a 16% increase on 2015.

Of interest to many brands will be the fact that an increasing percentage of shoppers are being influenced by their ethical values. Since 2015 we have seen a 21% increase in those choosing brands and products because of their ethical credentials. This is of most relevance to the 18-24 year old age bracket, where a third identify with the ethical shopping statement.

Across all categories we have seen an increase in people researching the right product for them online first before heading to the high street to buy. This further emphasises the need for brands to take an omnichannel approach and consider the customer journey from their own online presence through to the less controllable third party retail environment. By extending their ATL campaigns in-store with merchandising, and by educating shoppers on the benefits of their products by using trained brand ambassadors, brands can guide shoppers through their in-store journeys, transforming them from shoppers into customers.

It is also important to understand what encourages shoppers to stay loyal to a particular brand. When buying electronics, 52.3% of consumers are looking for products that work well for them, up 11% on the 2015 results. 25% of tech shoppers also state that they will often ask for advice from store staff.

The opportunity is clear and brands should realise the benefits of having sales people (whether the retailers own staff or paid for promoters) that can effectively engage with shoppers, demonstrate real world benefits and reassure the potential buyer that their brand offers the right product for them.

OnePoll survey of 2,000 UK shoppers

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