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8 Dec 2022

Predictions 2023: Marketing

Predictions are never easy, and as we end 2022 mired in a heady mix of cost-of-living crises, rampant inflation and a war in Ukraine, who knows what will be on the cards for next year?

In our first look at business predictions for 2023, we’ve canvassed the leading lights of the marketing world to gauge what they see as the key priorities for the sector in the year ahead.

Having emerged from the global pandemic in 2022, we should remember that we’re all survivors.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that kindness, empathy and being authentic are coming to the fore as we prepare to head into a new year…

Dan Todaro had this to say:

“Inevitably next year will be dominated by the need for brands to understand a campaign’s Return on Investment (ROI)."

“With so much pressure on the bottom line, ROI will become the single most important driver for marketing in 2023."

“After all, the ability to demonstrate the value of every pound spent and the weighted impact of your marketing efforts, leads to the only barometer that matters, sales."

“And in a period where 60% of consumers are prepared to switch brands based on value, the customer journey must be re-understood to be curated effectively”.

To read the full article featuring Dan Todaro, Managing Director's insight please visit MediaShotz
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