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26 Dec 2022

Essential Trumps Desirable As Gekko Reveals Top Factors Driving Retail Sales In Current Climate

With retailers gearing up for a final sales push in the vital run up to Christmas, a report by creative customer experience marketing agency Gekko has revealed the key factors driving considered purchases in the current economic climate. The results indicate that brands must highlight why their products are essential to the lives and lifestyles of consumers, rather than just desirable.

The study carried out by YouGov of 2,000 consumers concerned the factors driving considered purchases. These are defined as non-essential purchases that have a degree of financial or emotional investment.

Number one on the list was if a crucial home appliance or device was broken (76%). Second was if the item was essential to a consumer’s day to day life (73%). Interestingly, a promotion only scored third on the list tied with longevity (37%) only half as important. Next was if it was related to a hobby or personal interest (35%). Perceived ‘brand values’ were way down the list, only of interest to 10% of consumers.

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